In 2008 I started the original Airliners Gallery digital photo image library. The AG is really a consortium of photographers where their best photography is showcased. The staff photographers are a great team of transport photographers from around the world and also my friends, many of which I have known since the 1960s.

We carefully select the best photographers (by invitation only), the best pictures and also the number of shots. We purposely restrict the number of shots in the AG library in order to pick the very best images. As a result each photo stands out.

We also supply the publishing and advertising industry with the best digital images of transport subjects. The photographer receives most of the proceeds for these one-time industry uses.

My job is to invite the photographers, select the photos, process and save the photos, write the interesting historical captions, promote and publicize the images, communicate and coordinate with the aviation, publishing and advertising industry.

The AG image library will have a gallery for each airline, past and present. Follow along as we add new images every day.

Now the AG library is available on a new smart-looking SmugMug website located at http://airlinersgallery.smugmug.com. SmugMug is the perfect new location to offer our best shots. On this expanding website (new images are added every day) you will see our most popular shots. The best part – each image is now available for sale in many new exciting products including color prints.

Do you have a specific subject need?

Are you interested in helping us? We always welcome new photographers if you meet our tough standards. Please contact us at airlinersgallery@gmail.com. Please tell us what areas you cover and send us some samples of your work. I will be reaching out to you.

Bruce Drum
Airliners Gallery


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Bruce; I just saw your site with my Continental DC-9 in original C/S. Do you still deal with the AeroGem postcards? I am retired and auctioning off my collection on an auction site, when I happened to find yours. Best regards, Manuel.


    • I assume you mean the Blended Winglets enhancement Jane? This is a relatively new enhancement for the Next-Generation 737 aircraft created by Aviation Partners Boeing to enhance fuel efficiency and range of the aircraft. Many airlines are electing to add this feature for the cost savings, especially with the higher fuel prices. I hope this helps.

      Bruce Drum


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