2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear Airliners Gallery-Team

    you undoubtedly have a very nice collection of photos in your database.

    As I don’t need prints or bigger sized physical outputs of the photos, but would just like to have jpgs in a size of around 200KB to 1 MB, I was wondering whether you could offer something like an annual subscription, e.g. for 70 USD or so .
    The idea would be that you can see and save (of course only for private, not for commercial purposes) pictures WITHOUTH THE WATERMARK in a good resolution for computer screen, but not good enough for large print-outs. Thus, your traditional business-model wouldn’t be compromised, but I’m sure you could win quite a few hobby-photographs as subscribers. Airlinehobby has something similar.

    If so, you’d had me as your first customer.

    I would also be prepared to pay up to 2 USD for downloads per picture, but you can be pretty sure that the total amount spent per year would be lower than the subscription.
    Buying picture by picture is more of a hassle and I would only do this occasionally. However, even this would be a progress compared to today.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    best regards

    Chris Prox


    • Thank you very much Christoph. Yes we will consider this suggestion but we do have some concerns. We are constantly battling the growing illegal use of images on a worldwide basis especially from some editors and print sellers in countries in Asia where the copyright laws are not respected (un-watermarked images are being lifted on many photography websites to make illegal prints). Somehow before we did this we would to have safeguards in place to protect the hard work of the photographers as the size you recommend could be misused by some editors and writers looking for cheap images to use on their blogs and websites. Once you send an image out you lose all control of the future use. Thanks for the idea – we will continue to look at it.



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